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Prawns! You will be surprised to know the name that brings water in your mouth is not only tasty but carries tons of benefits within its miniature dedicated bodies. People across all over the globe consumes this shellfish with different recipes, in different cuisine with a different style. Today we will discover some amazing, jaw-dropping benefits of prawns, but before that, let’s briefly look at prawn versus shrimps.

Prawn Versus Shrimps_ Truth Revealed

Most of us usually use prawns and shrimps interchangeably for most of our lives, unaware of the fact.

However, undoubtedly belonging to the same shellfish family, prawns and shrimps hold many major differences. Though, prawns have a striking resemblance of appearance and taste. It has major habitat and reproductive differences.

You will find prawns mostly living in freshwater, whereas shrimps are the residence of saltwater. Secondly, prawns are egg breeders the give eggs in shallow water, consuming nutrients around the rocks to nourish themselves to their fullest. On the contrary, shrimps keep its eggs in its womb till it turns into babies.

The third difference is flexibility. Shrimps body tends to overlap its thorax overhead. In comparison, prawns love to be in ordinal and straight form, i.e., head, thorax, tail.

Let’s dive into the pool to know what treasures of nutritional benefits prawns hide within it selves.

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6 Nutritional Benefits Of Consuming Prawns

Tough prawns taste conquers the heart of food lovers. It is always in the limelight for the controversies and myths circulating in the air. Below is the list of excellent benefits of prawns within the light of authentic resources and facts and figures. So next time, such rumors will not obstruct you from enjoying such delicious seafood.

1. Prawns = Proteins = Muscles

It is not only meat with strands that add muscles to your body. Prawns also have a considerable amount of protein to aid in muscle build-up. In fact, you will be surprised to know it contains approximately 19 times more proteins than chicken.

Protein is the main element that helps you to increase the bulk of your muscles. In other words, consuming an adequate amount of protein helps you to gain a healthy weight.

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2. Gain Muscle; Lose Weight!

Despite its low calories, it helps you to fulfill your satiety for an extended period of time. All credit again goes to proteins. As prawns have protein, majorly as dietary composition, it makes your tummy full with the least calories. This gratification of the gut helps you to curtail the intake of more or extra calories to kill the hunger. Thus, helps you in losing weight.

3. Carries Helpful cholesterol

You must have been grown hearing that eating prawns can actually spike your cholesterol. Hence, most people with high cholesterol or hypertension resist themselves to enjoy such delightful seafood.

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Busting out this myth, Dr. Tim Pickerell, director of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain, states prawns are not at all the culprits of high cholesterol.

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However, you can make them guilty for raising cholesterol only by cooking it unhealthy. That means a lot of saturated fats with an excessive amount of additional salt. Commonly these saturated fats we use under the name of ghee and oil.

Factually speaking, prawns have a special type of fats. These saintly fats actually prevent cardiovascular diseases. According to Healthline, Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the arteries’ plaque ( vessels that pass blood from the heart to the entire body). Apparently reducing heart disease from several cardiac diseases.

Furthermore, it increases HDL. A body-friendly cholesterol that you need to have getting rid of bad cholesterol from your bloodstream.

4. Selenium Mines

It is true to focus on big to achieve big, but you cannot afford to avoid minis when it comes to a healthy diet. The same goes for Selenium. Selenium is a micronutrient required in a small amount to maintain the health of your cells.

The Shellfish Association of Great Britain says Adding up 100 grams of prawns ensures you fill-up the most selenium requirement. For females, eating 100 grams of prawns meets 24 percent of the total requirement, while for males, it fills up three percent lesser; 21 percent.

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Typically, the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of Selenium for adults up to age 14 is 55 micrograms per day. Nevertheless, it variates with age and other factors such as pregnancy.

Not consuming the proper amount of Selenium increases your chance to lurk into various types of cancer. Therefore it is essential to eat food that contains the maximum amount of Selenium to minimize the risk of such potential diseases. Again, another excuse to add prawns to your meal!

5. Shields From Alzheimer’s Disease

Being the holder of selenium and omega 3 fatty acids, these delicious prawns have the potential to suppress the chances of Alzheimer’s. It is a brain disorder that usually occurs in the age of 60s. This disorder has an accusation to destruct the memory and thinking capability of a person.

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Nevertheless, prawns, like an active, more solid, operate against such progressive disease with powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances that commit to working against all toxic substances present in your body, causing blatant diseases and disorders.

According to one study, intake of omega 3 fatty acid has the ability to minimize the symptom of Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, Selenium is multi-functional. It works as an antioxidant as well as an immune booster.

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6. Vitamin E_ An All-Rounder

Prawns are rich in Vitamin E. Amazingly, these mini sea-beings contain approximately 19 times more Vitamin E than chicken and 22 times more than a beef. One of the most potent antioxidants. Vitamin E is all that you need to stay healthy from head to toe. It is a fat-soluble macronutrient that keeps your body away from carcinogens and other harmful microbes born within the body.

According to the report of Shellfish Association of Great Britain, raw prawns of 100 gram is the source of 32 percent of male adults while for females, it makes up 39 percent of total RDA for women.! So next time when you take the spoon full of prawns, just remember you are giving your body multiples of protein than prawn itself.

Also, it works as the best sunscreen as it protects the skin from UV light. Similarly, it works as a rescuer for hairs. Its antioxidant properties help you to keep your scalp toxin-free. Thus maintain the growth and volume of hair and subtracts the hair breakage.

In a fish shell, you can call prawns one of the world’s tastiest yet beneficial seafood creatures. Prawns carry lots of macro and micronutrients within them. All this collectively makes it super healthy to consume, almost for anyone and everyone. However, if you have any rare allergies or medical conditions (pregnancy), do consult a doctor before consuming.

Apart from it, making prawns part of your regular meal creates a wall between you and major chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and cancerous diseases.

To your surprise, prawns are a pretty good source of weight loss. But how? Prawns’ nutritional composition works under the general fact of ‘low calorie; less weight.’ All foods that are low in calories help you to shed extra unhealthy pounds of your body. Prawns are one of those heavenly foods.

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Not only this, it helps you to look younger and healthier as it aids in gaining healthy muscle weight. Plus keeps your skin and hairs toxin-free. All because prawns are the lords of Vitamin E.

So if you are a prawn lover, congratulations on attaining all these incredible benefits. And if not, it is still not late to order your Fresh prawns waiting to be on your dinner plates!

All you need to do is a simple click here on Seafoodbabu! Fill your cart NOW with our fresh and delicious prawns of your choice!


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